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Bear Canyon agate



Product Description

  Over ten years ago a collecting area in Bear Canyon at the southern end of the Pryor Mountains of Montana was foundYou better be prepared for some tough terrain and know that you will find the collecting area for these cool little agates is only accessible by foot. Google "Bear Canyon Agate" and watch the U tube videos of some outings. Forget taking any kind of equipment to help get to those little buggers. The nodules have been weathering out from below the rims and rolling downhill for thousands of years. Not in big numbers but you find them in drainage channels, and erosion features all the way down to the main canyon floor. I mean that these agates are poking out of the canyon walls much like Alabama Paint rock in that the agates are high up and out of reach and if you can get to one by rope you then need to hammer and chisel the dang thing out without damaging the agate. The canyon walls at Bear Canyon  are very hard as well and takes much effort to remove making any collecting done mainly from float. A small percentage have no fortification lines making it even harder to come up with a nice piece for cabbing. The outcrop is about 15 miles from the classic Dryhead Agate location but the look and coloration of the Bear Canyon Agate is very different from Dryhead agates..  Here's a nice little slab cut from a nodule the size of the the one in picture. You get both pieces and the chance to cut this uncut, unknown inside. nodule. I'd cut it longways and it could be all black inside or it could have a killer white fortification line pattern inside. I have a few whole nodules from a group of mostly pieces and parts of nodules with some fortification showing. The fellow I acquired this rough from, collected about a pound of it one day. That is a hard day of collecting for anyone and I had to go the extra mile to make sure I had some on my site at the end of the day.  -WET pic.-( 1.2 oz.) solid whole nodule and slab

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