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Jequitinhohna agate



Product Description

To understand how these agates got their incredible shine right out of the rivers mucky bottom you have to go back millions of years to when Africa and South America were side by side or one. The plates pulled apart and drifted half a world away from each other over time. Africa mines diamonds on the shore that was once touching South America. It makes sense there are diamonds on both shores being the were together and volcanic action played a part in their separating. The Jequitinhohna river carries these agates tumbling them along in the fine diamond filled muck and dumps them into its ocean basin along with the thick muddy sediments. They are constantly agitated in the mud and are found up to 9' deep in it. You can't believe how polished they have become in that special environment. This is another incredible story of how these gems we love go through some wild events that last for unfathomable time. The fellow I acquired it from called it a Museum Grade Collectors Gem and said it should never be cut. I bought it with the intention of slabbing it but when it arrived I realized I couldn't. It's the best one that I have seen and may be the best one that came out of the river and how am I so fortunate.? Right place at the right time, that's the only way to find these puppies. It's your chance now to have it be your lucky find. It is awesome beyond words. This gems whole nodule meaning is to awe. Seriously!? Yeppers>>>>>>>>>-Dry pic.but looks wet.- Naturally Polished  (8 lbs. 3 oz.)


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