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Skip an Atom Agate/Basalt



Product Description

The drop in pressure that magma experiences as it flows from underground to the Earth's surface allows water and gases in the lava to form bubbles. If the bubbles do not get large enough to pop, they are frozen in the lava as it solidifies as vesicles. The Most Unusual Lake Superior Agates are a rare variety that few people own or have seen because they are formed in these vesicles and only found along the North Shore of Minnesota near Flood Bay with most seeming to be replacements (pseudomorphs) of calcite and aragonite by quartz. People who find this amygdloydial  basalt stone which is the host rock to these agates, call them Skip-an-Atom Agates and say they're a sub-variety of Lake Superior agates. Other minerals like epidote calcite and laumontite are also found this basalt along with Skip an Adam agates. These agates are usually opaque with patterns of large quartz crystals with evenly distributed tiny air spaces that sometimes manifest with a lilac color cast. You can see the color in some of them in the pictures like the wavy orange and white stripe section at the bottom. Wow, usually water line structure in agates runs flat. Whats happening there? They have been studied for around 70 years with no real answers to what exactly they are and the frustration has given them the name -Skip an Atom-. I guess the problem and confusion has something to do with them missing an atom in their structure. The subject is compelling and they have unusual color and multiple crystal shapes and patterns. Sizes vary and who knows what is hiding in this chunk as you can see where a couple larger agates have fallen out of their bubble traps. Just shy of 4 lbs.   

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